Return Policy

Can I return my parcel or make a replacement?

Due to the high shipping fee and complicated procedures of international delivery, we do not provide return service, please confirm your order carefully.It's not acceptable if you return the parcel by yourself. You will be charged with related back and forth shipping fee.The following cases are the acceptable range of international quality control standard; they do not belong to defects such as thread, buttonhole not open, slightly off-line, small stain, IMPORTANT NOTE: If a parcel failed to get delivered due to incorrect shipping address and inability to reach the recipient for more than 15 days, the parcel will be treated as abandoned mail or get returned to the wholesale members. No refund will be made.To ensure a successful delivery, please double check your information when placing an order and watch out for incoming calls and mails.

How many working days does it take to refund?

Cancel Order: If you use credit card to checkout, your payment will be refunded after 7-10 working days (excluding holidays) after receiving your canceling requirement. Please pay attention to your current or next credit card bill.                 

Please note! If you cancel orders by yourself, we won't notify you by e-mail.Out  of Stock: If there are more than one item in your  order that is not available (out of stock), we will notify you by e-mail and  cancel the entire order. Your payment will be refunded after 7-10 working days  (excluding holidays). Please pay attention to your current or next bill of  credit card.